Taint Analysis of Java Programs using incremental Slicing

A project to develop a incremental data flow analyzer for Java bytecode programs on top of WALA.

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Project Report

There are two basic blocks,

  1. Slice Analysis Input [initial program's call graph, Seed variables] Output [slice for given seed variable, data flow facts against each program point]

  2. Incremental Analysis Input [initial program's call graph, seed variables, slice for given seed variables, data flow facts from previous iteration] Output [Revised Slice, Revised data flow facts from previous iteration]

To run:

Under project root folder, sbt "run version1ClassPath version2ClassPath seedVariableNumber"

Seed variable number is SSA variable number generated by WALA IR form. This need to be fixed & abstracted, but for the time being it need to be passed explicitly as such.

example, sbt "run tests/SliceV1.class tests/SliceV2.class 4"

sbt "run tests/FactorialV1.class tests/FactorialV2.class 4"

Examples Folder: tests

  1. Constant.java

  2. Factorial.java

  3. Slice.java

  4. Search.java

  5. Sort.java