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# CSEL: The Computer Science Education Lab
The CSEL is located in [ECCS 112 and ECCS
128]( Your Buff
OneCard is requred for access to the lab. Faculty, staff, and students
(either in the CS department or enrolled in a [CSCI
should have access to the CSEL resources.
Please email [][help] for help, questions, or
**NB:** All general purpose machines (PCs and remote access) use NFS
home directories, so your data is persistent and shared across all of
the CSEL systems. If you are running an IO-bound job, consider using the
shared scratch space mounted on `/local`.
## PCs in the lab
The are a number of PCs available for academic use. The current specs
- Intel Core i7-2600 Quad Core 3.4 GHz
- AMD Radeon HD 6670 GPU [(Northern Islands)](
- 16 GB RAM
- NFS `/` (root) and `/home`
The current, available PXE images are:
- Ubuntu 14.04.x amd64
- Ubuntu 12.04.x amd64 (deprecated)
If you need a custom image for special settings, preferred Linux
distribution, etc, please [send us an email][help].
### nVidia ``Graphcis'' Machine
In ECCS 128 there is a special machine which can be used by anyone but
students in the graphics classes have priority. This machine has:
- Intel Core i7-4771 (Haswell) Quad Core 3.5 GHz
- nVidia GeForce GTX 780, 3GB GDDR5
- 32 GB RAM
- Samsung 840 Pro SSD (for `/` (root))
- NFS `/home`
- Dell 2560x1440 Monitor
## Remote Access
You may access the lab remotely via SSH (SCP, SFTP) using your
and password. The current remote access machines are:
- - Ubuntu 14.04.x amd64
- - Ubuntu 14.04.x amd64
- - Ubuntu 14.04.x amd64
- - Ubuntu 14.04.x amd64
As with the workstation images, please [email us][help] if you need a
custom image for a class, student project, etc.
### OpenVPN
You can get access to the campus (and CSEL) networks using OpenVPN. Note
that [OIT provides
services, but you may prefer OpenVPN.
for details.
## GitLab
We have a [GitLab]( server located at You can access it using your Identikey
and password.
## Pinter
There's a printer in the lab. Feel free to print. Don't waste paper.
## Websites
You have a student website hosted at
[]( This
site can be located under either `~/public_html` or `~/.www`. If you are
having trouble, make sure the web server has permission to read this
$ chmod o+x ~
$ chmod o+rx ~/.www
## Software
In addition to the typical software available on the CSEL systems, the
PCs and remote access servers also have
[MATLAB]( installed.
We also have the following academic licenses:
- Microsoft:
- VMWare:
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