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From: Dirk Grunwald <>
Date: Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 6:27 PM
Subject: More '' news
To: CS Faculty <>, CS Admin <>
[ I'm not the computing czar, just stepping in to move this process forward.
if you're unhappy, considering volunteering to be the computing czar ]
The machine had a bad and active users from
that machine will be moved to "".
This weekend, email will no longer be directed to or received by research,
and will not receive email. People using that machine
should migrate mail to Office365 which provides 50GB of mail space (see
The machine "" will run IMAP, meaning you can access mail files
stored on there. and has directions on how you can retrieve
mail messages to your laptop or e.g.
The new "" will have a webserver that will serve static
content from ~/public_html, so if you use that for web pages, you're golden.
If you've used in the last year, your directories will
be copied over for you. Other directories will be archived.
Graduate students can use (see
for directories & web pages.
Other web presence, such as per-research group, will be handled as below.
We will redirect personal webpages like to any web site you like.
If you have a public-facing research group site like or and you can provide a website for it using other resources, the DNS or website will redirect to it.
This is what is currently done by e.g. and (both use github pages -- see )
Consider using the campus provided SharedPoint ( )
If you need a website like and don't want to use github or need a "dynamic" site, you have two options:
The department will pay $5/month for a sufficient webserver for a research group ( e.g. or wordpress hosting sites listed at ). You are responsible for management, but the department will redirect to your site.
Or, you can provide a "docker container" ( ) that will be hosted by the department. Detailed directions will be provided later. If you don't know what this is, then consider the other options above.
You should indicate your choice and provide information by going to the following Google spreadsheet (you'll need to use your account).
If there is existing data you need from (e.g. mysql
data for your webpress install or whatever) , you should log into research and pull it off
within the next two weeks and likewise your wordpress files.
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