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# CSEL OpenStack
The [CSEL]( [OpenStack](
cluster is an IaaS (cloud) platform hosted here in the [CS Department](
## Storage
OpenStack calls a block device a *volume*. You can create volumes with a name,
size, and type. The primary volume type on this cluster is currently **ceph**.
**ceph** - The default. This uses a [CEPH]( storage cluster.
It is reliable (your data can survive 2 disk failures) and has
## Flavors
When you boot an instance, you select a *flavor* with the CPU, RAM, and other
properties appropriate to your use.
**a.*** - These flavors are the default. They use reliable storage by default
and are run on our more stable hardware.
**io.*** - These flavors are designed to support fast disk IO. They use
local SSD storage passed directly to the VM. The downside of these
flavors is that they will experience power outages when the Engineering
Center as a whole does. The are also a little less flexible
administratively, as their disks take longer to migrate.
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